Hello and welcome to March!

After a cold and miserable start to the year that threw just about everything at Yorkshire, including storms, snow, and floods we have finally made it to March and even though looking out of the window today you wouldn't think it, spring is very much on the way.  

The soft spring colours we often associate with spring and Easter are very much reflected in our current hand dyed yarn collection.  And whilst we are still adding to it, so far we have Fragrant Lilac, Mint Macaroon, Not a Cloud in the Sky, Everything's Peachy, Speckled Pink and Getting ready for Spring available in the shop. 

2022 also sees the return of a yarn club which this year is a complete surprise and is available as "yarn only" or "yarn with added extras".  Unlike last year's gemstone/crystal club there is absolutely no theme or even a clue other than that all yarns will be a 4ply, suitable for sock knitting (with nylon content) and mostly colourful variegated yarns that will brighten up even the dullest of day.

I have a long list of WIPs on the go, including a jumper, some small blankets, socks (there are always socks!!) and I will dedicate next month's blog post to all things WIP!

Of course I cannot write at this time without acknowledging the very sad situation in Ukraine right now. As I have already shared in some of my social media posts, one way of helping is to purchase digital files/patterns from either Etsy or Ravelry by filtering your search to "Shop Location" or "Designer Country" respectively and purposefully select Ukraine. It's only a small gesture but one that is easily actionable if you are feeling otherwise helpless.

Until next month!